Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica

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The Sprague High School SHH held their 2017 membership induction on May 23rd. It was attended by current members, inductees, family members and a few special guests.

Read more about the opportunities Honor Society membership offers at AATSP.

Mission Statement: To promote the academic excellence of the Spanish language and celebrate Hispanic culture.

Requirements to apply are:

  • Candidates must be enrolled or have completed high school Spanish 3 or higher. This includes students who have completed Spanish 2 and will be in Spanish 3 the following year.
  • Candidates must complete 5 community service hours to apply and 5 for each year of membership.
  • Candidates must be active members of the Sprague Spanish Club.
  • Candidates and current members must maintain a 3.5 GPA in Spanish and a 3.0 or  above in all other classes.

Spanish Honor Society will have various community service opportunities that will involve their members more. These may include volunteering at the Salem Public Library, tutoring peers in Spanish, and participating in Hispanic community cultural events throughout the school year.
Activities consist of the Induction and Ceremony for new members, participating in other school functions such as toy/food drives, Day of the Dead celebrations, and active participation in the Spanish Club.

Students with active membership in the Spanish National Honor Society are awarded the SNH honor cord at graduation.

$10 per club member each year; $5 each subsequent year.


2017 Officers:

President Abigail LaVerdure

VP Sadie Holt

Secretary Tito Bautista Flores

Meeting Days and Times: 2017 meetings TBD


Contact La Sra. Lentz de Rodríguez:

Requisitos: SNHS. Membership Expectations

Note- Expectations are subject to change.

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